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Youth Athlete Branding Agency


Youth Athlete Branding Agency (YABA) provides creative services focused on supporting youth motorsport athletes with branding, marketing, and sponsorship acquisition resources, allowing them to further their driving career.

For young motorsports athletes looking to elevate their racing careers to the next level, understanding the impact of branding and sponsorship can be just as critical in becoming a complete asset to a race team as improving the equipment, escalating training and coaching, and accumulating driver experience.

Speed Secrets is your source for driving tips, articles, books, eBooks, eCourses, webinars & videos

Speed Secrets

Speed Secrets is your source for driving tips, articles, books, eBooks, eCourses, webinars & videos all aimed at one thing: to help you be an even better Performance or Race Driver and/or High Performance Driving Instructor.

 Individually or as a group, in-person or remotely, Driver Coaching is the foundation of Speed Secrets. My promise is to provide the most complete driver coaching services available. 


Crimson Simulation


Crimson Simulation is the premier Virtual Racing Club in North Carolina, and building some of the most advanced racing simulators anywhere.

If you're looking for a training simulator for your home or race team, contact Crimson Simulation to schedule a test-drive at  their Mooresville, NC.


LifeAid Beverage Company

LifeAid is committed to providing you with a better way to drink! Their clean, nutritional blends help to supplement your active lifestyle - made with only the good stuff (never any artificial flavors or sweetener